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Helping promote the darker side of Etsy.

This community is for members of the Etsy's Dark Side Street Team to promote their Etsy shops, along with any other events that involve their Etsy shops (sales, contests, etc). Add us to your friends list so you can check out everyone's awesome stuff on your friends page every day!

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Our team's goal is to help promote the darker side of Etsy. We are looking for unusual and dark related Etsy shops, from all over the globe. To join the Etsy's Dark Side Street Team, please visit our website and fill out a Member Application: Etsy Dark Team Website

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N Please keep all photos at 450 x 450 pixels or smaller. If your picture is larger than that, please put it behind a LiveJournal Cut Tag, or your post may be removed. This prevents people from posting gigantic photos that will make other people's friend pages load incorrectly.

N Please only post one photo per entry, unless the photos are extremely small. All other images can go behind a LiveJournal Cut Tag. Use your best judgement on this, if it will mess up other people's friend pages, your post will be removed.

N Please do not spam the community. One post a day for the same ad is sufficient. If you updated your shop and would like to post something new, then that is fine, but please do not post more than 2 ads per day.

N Etsy Minis are allowed! However, please use your best judgement when it comes to their size. If you are using the small thumbnails, 4 columns by 4 rows or smaller will work. If you are using the slightly larger gallery images in your mini, 2 columns by 2 rows will work. Anything larger can be put behind a LiveJournal Cut Tag.

N No drama please! This is a community full of alternative artists/crafters. If you do not agree with someone's work, please ignore it and move on. Rude comments will not be tolerated.

N Please follow the LiveJournal Terms of Service. Any posts that violate the LiveJournal TOS, or are reported to LiveJournal, will be removed immediately. Adult content is allowed here, but if you are posting items with explicit adult content (graphic gore/graphic sex/nudity), please put an adult content filter on your post, so it does not end up being reported to LiveJournal by any non-members who may be easily offended.

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Team Leaders: sacredoak & StemOfThorns